Yantai Longgang pump industry: establishing enterprise party building brand to

Yantai Longgang pump industry Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 2001,located in Yantai high tech Zone on the six road.The company mainly produces 30 large series of corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps with more than 800 specifications.There are 220 employees,of which 23 are party members

Yantai Longgang pump industry Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 2001,located in Yantai high tech Zone on the six road.The company mainly produces 30 large series of corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps with more than 800 specifications.There are 220 employees,of which 23 are party members.In 2014,the sales volume was 110 million 780 thousand yuan,and the tax revenue was 5 million 200 thousand yuan.The products are certified by ISO9001:2008 quality management system,HSE management system certification of PetroChina Sinopec and energy saving product certification.In 2013,he won the honorary title of"famous enterprises in Shandong province"and"high and new technology enterprises of Shandong province".In recent years,with the concern and support of the regional working committee and the party and group work department,the company has taken a new step in the construction of the party organization.The party organization mechanism is constantly improving,the party members'team is growing,and the core role of the party organization is continuously strengthened.Success in the work of Party building at the same time,economic and social benefit of the enterprise has achieved rapid development,has become a Sinopec,China oil,CNOOC,China chemical,salt group and other well-known state-owned enterprises qualified suppliers.
The company established the Party branch in 2007.At the beginning of the establishment of the branch,the shareholders of the company realized that building a good quality branch leadership team is an important prerequisite for a good job of Party branch construction,and also a driving force for the development of enterprises.
In the past few years,the Limited by Share Ltd of Longgang pump industry in Yantai has insisted on the development of the company and the party construction of the enterprise,and constantly improve the comprehensive quality of the party members.One is to make a good job of"recruiting".In the recruitment of employees and the introduction of highly educated personnel,strict qualification examination,under the same conditions,for Party member applicants priority employment.Two is to make good"education".Adhere to the"three sessions and one lesson"system,organize the party members on time,conscientiously learn the six principles of the party constitution,the eighteen spirits of the party,the mass line educational practice activities and the eight provisions of the party through newspapers,audio-visual education,network and other tools.To communicate and study the working spirit of the Party committee in time,and to strengthen the education and training of the party activists.Three is to keep"management".The goal management system of Party members should be implemented,and the document and electronic archives management of Party members and party activists are perfected.It is emphasized that party members should take the lead in four aspects:take the lead in observing the party's constitution,take the lead in observing the company's management system,take the lead in doing their duties,take the lead in talking about ideas,politics and dedication.Four is a good"new".In accordance with the standards and requirements of the development of Party members,in the key position of sales manager,technical backbone,the production line staff in seedling selection,strengthening education and training,as the party activists and Party member development object.
The Party branch of the company regularly organize all the staff and staff of the company to carry out various enterprise cultural activities and strengthen the construction of the enterprise's spiritual civilization.Regularly organize basketball,tug of war,table tennis,sightseeing,July 1,the company song chorus competition game and other cultural activities,2015 and high tech Zone high tech Zone Authority build team,build a high-tech zone of sports culture in the construction of spiritual civilization.The cooperation between Jiangsu University and Shandong Business Institute has been strengthened,and the cooperation mode of R&D,professional orientation training,student internship and student employment has been realized.The company has published its own newspaper,Longgang newspaper,which propagate the party's line,policy and policy in a timely manner.The company extracts special funds every year to reward the children of the college entrance examination,the serious illness of the family members and the death of the employees.The company branch,in accordance with the spirit of the superior department,organized the party members and cadres and ordinary employees in a timely and orderly manner to actively participate in the social relief and donation activities.In the Wenchuan earthquake,Qinghai earthquake,Yushu government aid poor workers,leading members and Party branch actively take the lead,in accordance with the principle of voluntary organization of Party members and ordinary employee donations,formed the Party cadres to take the lead,full participation in the mutual love of spirit.
Party branches pay special attention to guiding and teaching party members to play an exemplary role in production and operation.Measures should be taken to solve technical and market problems by means of organizing technical problems and strengthening the strength of the sales team.In order to open the market,enhance the company's sales and expand the market share,the company has transferred 13 party members to market sales.The company has 41 sales staff and nearly 1/3 party members.The sales staff of Party members in 2014 completed sales of 72 million yuan,accounting for about 65%of the company's annual sales,which played a supporting role for the signing of the company's order,and played a thrust effect for the development of the company.
Party building in grass-roots businesses needs to start from a pragmatic perspective.It needs to coordinate with the economic development of enterprises.Building a brand of Party building will also be the long-term goal of the development of Yantai Longgang pump Limited by Share Ltd.